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Recommendation of the Parents

  1. Parents are not allowed to enter classrooms either to see their children or to meet with the teachers during the school hours without prior permission of the Principal.

  2. Parents are requested to co-operate with the school administration in its endeavor to help their ward’s progress by paying attention to their regularity, punctuality and discipline.

  3. Parents of primary and junior class students must check the school diaries everyday and help them to complete the home work.

  4. Parents are requested to inform the school about any change in their addresses / phone numbers immediately.

  5. Leave for half day should be avoided for security reasons. In an emergency, written permission must be taken from the Principal and the class teacher. Students seeking half day leave will not be sent home without parents.

  6. Sick children must not be sent to school to attend classes.

  7. Parents must be always vigilant about their daughters, returning home immediately after the school is over for the day.

  8. Parent’s attention is drawn to the fact that they must avoid the criticism of a teacher or the school in the presence of the child because in case it is done the child will lose his / her respect for the teacher and will hinder his / her progress.

  9. Any communication made by the parents should be addressed to the Principal and not to the class teacher. All correspondence from the school to parents will be sent through the Principal.

  10. Parents must deposit school fee regularly before 15th every month.

  11. Last working day of each month is fixed for P.T.M. which is compulsory for every parent. If it is a holiday then it will be held on previous day.

  12. It is mandatory to each person or parent in school / campus to switch their mobile off.

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